A pair of jean clad women's legs wearing striped blue socks on a blue woven blanket

Lineage Socks

Five different coloured mini skeins and a pair of ribbed wrist warmers on a wooden stool decorated with strawberry fruits, leaves and flowers. Behind is the card that inspired them

Reversible Wrist Warmers

Yellow loose top hung from blue rail. Roses, flowered playing cards and horse shoes on top of rail

Crochet Cast On

A yellow top hanging on a vintage blue coat rail. Roses are placed on top of the rail with two playing cards.

Modified Three Needle Bind Off

Two shawls on a dark wood background

Cornish Thrift Top and Shawl

A rich chocolate cake on a white cake stand

Delicous Death

A winter heartland scene with low sunlight through frosted grass

Winter Club Box

A gnome and fairy sitting on a windowsill

Gnomes and Fairies

A pair of hand knit socks laying on an old leather suitcase with a throw and old book

Pip Pip Socks

A view of dark purple poppies and their seed heads

Club boxes

Christmas gingerbread in clear gift bags on a wood surface with Christmas decorations

Gild the Gingerbread

Summer Dyeing

A pastry based tray bake filled with currants and cherries on a plate set on a red and white linen cloth

A Slice of Paradise

Decorated wooden rabbit shaped sock blockers hanging on a picket fence

Decorated Sock Blockers

A row of bunny blockers clothed in many different socks all hanging up on a garden fence


Wooden sock and mitten blockers, ruler, pins, balloons, knitting and crochet on a blue cloth

Blocking Your Knits and Crochet Too

A table in front of a leaded bay window. An open pattern book is surrounded by balls of Shetland wool and knitted colour work samples. There is a tray with a mug of tea and a teapot.

Fair Isle

A cream plate with large slices of fruitcake on a folded linen cloth and against a wooden background

Saucepan Cake

Four skeins of yarn dyed with Dock

Dyeing with Dock

Dyed yarn



Natural dyeing with Eucalyptus bark

A pair of Lewes mittens on a rusty metal background



The Miss Lavish work bag

A woman standing under a tree wearing a linen knitted jumper

Utility: Worn and Wearable

Utility Cowl

Sewing Rompers

selborne sock


Ainsworth & Prin Blockers