Utility: Worn and Wearable

Sadly my life is not dressy and glamorous.  T-shirts and jeans are my normal workwear, I only have to put on a skirt for comments to be made on my appearance – not always a good thing!  Occasionally I’ll buy or make something for an event which sits at the back of the wardrobe until the next outing by which time it looks a bit dated.  What I really  should concentrate on are quality, wearable, everyday clothes, interesting to knit and with a detail or two to lift them out of the ordinary.

Utility Cowl


I’ve been obsessing about vintage linens.  Not historic textiles but the sort of linen your Granny had in the kitchen drawer.  The sort that might have a few darns but still has plenty of wear and didn’t smear the glasses.  Miss Marple for instance might have bought her dusters from the counter in Woolworths but she went up to town, to Derry and Toms for her pre-war quality linen glass cloths. 

Ainsworth & Prin Kits

I spend hours travelling to my day job. About three and a half hours a day driving in and out of London, sat in traffic contemplating the rear bumper of the car in front and day dreaming. I’ve been on fantasy hikes, bought houses in remote places and started new businesses, I am even Lady of the Manor to a fantasy village for when I win the Lottery, something along Miss Marple lines – it might help if I ever bought a ticket! Mostly I’m creating my next knitting or sewing project and this time it’s well on it’s way to fruition and getting a little scary as the packaging has arrived. Oops, how did that happen?