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Five different coloured mini skeins and a pair of ribbed wrist warmers on a wooden stool decorated with strawberry fruits, leaves and flowers. Behind is the card that inspired them

Reversible Wrist Warmers

A gnome and fairy sitting on a windowsill

Gnomes and Fairies

A pair of hand knit socks laying on an old leather suitcase with a throw and old book

Pip Pip Socks

A view of dark purple poppies and their seed heads

Club boxes

Decorated wooden rabbit shaped sock blockers hanging on a picket fence

Decorated Sock Blockers

Wooden sock and mitten blockers, ruler, pins, balloons, knitting and crochet on a blue cloth

Blocking Your Knits and Crochet Too

A pair of Lewes mittens on a rusty metal background



The Miss Lavish work bag

Sewing Rompers

selborne sock


Ainsworth & Prin Blockers