Ainsworth & Prin Kits

I spend hours travelling to my day job. About three and a half hours a day driving in and out of London, sat in traffic contemplating the rear bumper of the car in front and day dreaming. I’ve been on fantasy hikes, bought houses in remote places and started new businesses, I am even Lady of the Manor to a fantasy village for when I win the Lottery, something along Miss Marple lines – it might help if I ever bought a ticket! Mostly I’m creating my next knitting or sewing project and this time it’s well on it’s way to fruition and getting a little scary as the packaging has arrived. Oops, how did that happen?



Well Hello,
Welcome to The Knitting Shed a tiny company run by one family.
Heard of us before?
Well that would be Vicky the original owner of the company who developed a love for crochet and then all things woolly and started The Knitting Shed in 2008.