Three handmade woollen bears sitting in bracken

Here we are, just as it turns cold with our second Winter Box
We took the Winter Woods as our theme this year as we like to think of ourselves as hardy outdoor types. In reality this often means a very brisk walk to collect kindling and foliage then back home to sit by the fire!

The box includes soft, coordinating, neutral colours for crocheted or knitted projects, with cute little woodland stitch markers to totally immerse yourself in the woodsy theme. You may have time to knit a gift or two if you can bear to give it away.
For knitters there’s a link to our newest pattern, yet to be released for Flinty socks. It’s written in three sizes and can be made with or without the texture pattern and with contrasting toes and heels. Again apologies to those who crochet as our skills still haven’t come on much this year but if you’re looking for inspiration Janie Crow has a CAL for the Glad Tidings Wrap organised for the beginning of December that could use up some of your stash.

To decorate and add a little sparkle to the house you can spend an evening or two doodling a garland of trees to catch what light there is at this time of year.
The pocket sized bear would make a lovely gift to surprise a child with when you are out for a walk.

Send a few words to friends on one of the beautiful cards from our good friend Morten Solemsli. He has a fine eye for detail and as a Norwegian a very close relationship with long, cold winters! We’ll send him the recipes for the Spiced Almond Biscuits and Pumpkin Latte to keep him warm.

Finally if all this talk of cold winter weather is just too spartan, pour yourself a hot bath and luxuriate with the scent of the orange and cinnamon soap!

We hope the box and online projects give you enjoyment for many weeks, making the most of the winter months.

Very best wishes Nicola & Louise