The Knitting Shed Test Knits

Here are a few questions to answer for the test knit and a few things to think about while you are knitting!

•What yarn did you use for the project? The brand and the meterage/yardage and composition if you know it?
•What was the weight of your yarn before you started and what was the weight of what you had left. Can you measure in grams if possible, if not I will convert imperial to metric.
•Did you match gauge or get very close to it? What gauge did you get (after blocking).
•What size needles did you used to get gauge?
•Did you make any adjustments to the pattern?
•Did the finished garment fit well, or is there anything you would like to change to make it a better fit for you?
•Were there any faults in the pattern? Missing instructions, abbreviations or stitch counts?
•Was the pattern easy to follow for your level of experience?
•Was the pattern layout easy to follow? Taking into account that it isn’t a finished published pattern.
•Are there any grammatical errors? It seems you can never have enough commas!
•Are there any technical errors?
•Were there enough images?
•Did you have enough time to finish the project?

I will try and email with any issues as the arise, so if there are problems not everyone has to go through them.

It may be that not every suggestion makes it to the final edit, but if several knitters point out the same glaring faults they definitely will!

And a very big thank you for helping us!