If you’re shopping for a gift for a friend or just a little something for yourself, hopefully you’ll find it here.

Mohair Sets

Cinnabar and Damask

View from the Edge

Naigo and Neptune

Two skeins of yarn one multicoloured in blues and plums and one blue mohair

Sock Sets

Gingerbread Set

Mrs Croft and Mordor

Two skeins of yarn in shades of blue

In the Pink

Two skeins of yarn one speckled pink and the other deep dark pink

Mini Skein Sets

Bad Penny

Winter Blues

Low Winter Light

Tension Gauge

A wooden tension gauge on a linen background surrounded by knitting and gingerbread biscuits

Bunny Blockers

A wooden bunny sock blocker in a ginger sock with a gingerbread rabbit and a sprig of holly

Robin Dress Kit

A child's dress with a red knitted and embroidered top and a navy needlecord skirt on a wooden table

Concorde Mitten Kits

Two pairs of mittens with pattered cuffs on the shelf of a dresser